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Truly exceptional quality CBD products from MarketTraderTV's very own BigToke.

A chance meeting of two individuals from  different generations and backgrounds sparked an idea. An idea that  morphed into a journey to provide some of the best hemp extracts and CBD  oil for their family, loved ones, and themselves. The need for this  restorative and beneficial plant was obvious to both from all angles of  the spectrum. Thus was born the concept of Rocky Mountain Pure, a  balanced blend of whole plant, FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT.

The  process begins on ancient Anasazi farming ground, in the heart of the  Colorado Rockies at 7,000 feet, where an organic and natural approach to  cultivation is put into action via hand planting of high quality seeds.  From germination to harvest, all manner of care is attended to in a  chemical and pesticide free method of farming to produce not only the  most pure hemp extract, but to respect and protect the land it is grown  on. Pure Rocky Mountain water, sun, earth and air all contribute to the  cultivation of our hemp, the way nature intended. With the combination  of natural and sustainable growing conditions, the end result is a CBD  oil with a complete blend of cannabinoids to supplement the needs of  you, your family, and loved ones. From our family farm, to you and  yours.

Rocky Mountain Pure is proud to announce our FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT in a variety of wellness products available in our online shop. We  thank you for stopping by and believe you will enjoy them as much as we  do.