We have been a fan of Basic Attention Token for a stretch now, but recent issues have shifted our views. Our first-hand experience includes the following:

  • Suspension of CryptoTradersTV's Account (Only paid out for first month)
  • No notification regarding suspension
  • No response to our inquiries regarding suspension
  • Seemingly hijack-able and/or glitched to direct BAT Tips to other publishers

It feels like the developers have decided to play an authoritarian role in deciding who is allowed to use BAT. Whether this is directly performed or via some algorithm, the system is obviously flawed. We followed all rules set forth and never solicited our supporters for their tips. There are many examples of users abusing the BAT system, raking in thousands or much more in BAT tips every month and nothing is done to stop them.


Anyways, shortly after our sour experience, we went ahead and removed our content from their "Verified Publisher" platform. It doesn't support real publishers, because they don't appear to care about true verification. Not too long after that point, several CTTV supporters noticed a different Twitch user when attempting to tip on https://www.twitch.tv/cryptotraderstv. We could not easily replicate this, so it could have been a mere glitch - or maybe someone attempting to hijack our tips. Either way, it doesn't make us feel any better about BAT.

We likely won't be re-enabling the BAT platform for our content anytime soon, but it would be nice if they would at least give us an explanation.