In case you haven't already heard, the official Bitcorn Bot (@bitcornhub) is now live and fully functioning on CryptoTraderTV's Twitch chat. You can create a wallet and test it out right there in the chat, fast and easy. You can now tip anyone you'd like with real Bitcorn crypto-currency.

Bitcorn Bot Commands:

(exclude braces "<" and ">" when typing commands)


Receive a BITCORN wallet address.

$tipcorn <amount> <@username>

Gift some BITCORN to anyone you feel like.


View your BITCORN Balance.


View your BITCORN Address.


View your BITCORN Accumulation.


View your BITCORN Address.

$withdraw <amount> <address>

Withdraw your funds off the Twitch wallet to your Windows/Linux Bitcorn Wallet for example.


Displays a list of all current commands available.