TimKim has announced a new Bounty today.

The rules are as follows:

  • Get clips of active streamers (>50 Concurrent Viewership) saying BITCORN things and post the clips in #bitcorn-clips on Discord!
  • 42,000 BITCORN per NEW streamer talking about #BITCORN, not just mentioning it once.
  • Also, anytime you use the hashtag #BITCORN on Twitter, and have an account registered on BITCORNfarms.com, you will get PAID PER TWEET YOU USE #BITCORN!
  • We will also have a bounty board on BITCORNfarms.com that will also post new bounties such as things like a HASHTAG OF THE DAY (ie. #BITCORNtaughtme etc) that will reward you a lump sum - another "DAILY QUEST/FAUCET" to earn more BITCORN for yourselves!


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