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The cryptocurrency, Bitcorn, is intended to be used as a fun peer-to-peer tipping system that directly integrates with the Twitch streaming platform. This is the same platform that CryptoTradersTV (CTTV), the purveyors of Bitcorn, streams on live 24/7. You can read the official whitepaper for Bitcorn, The Cornpaper, to learn more about the purpose, technical specs, and roadmap for cryptocurrency. To begin using and accumulating Bitcorn please follow this guide.

Bitcorn has a Helpcenter with FAQs, Tutorials and News on Everything Bitcorn. You can get support and lodge a ticket if you need help:

You can also ask for help here:
CryptoTradersTV & BITCORN Official Discord Server

Wallet Types: Desktop & Twitch Dashboard

The Bitcorn Desktop Wallet can be downloaded from the official Bitcorn Project GitHub. There is currently a version for Windows, Mac & Linux, with iOS/Android support in the near future.

Official GitHub Repository

The Twitch version of the wallet can be managed via commands executed in Twitch chat for the channels CryptoTradersTV and BITCORNhub. You must also be a Twitch Follower for BITCORNhub (the official Bitcorn Twitch Bot) in order to receive whispered responses to commands and receipts for Bitcorn transactions.

$reg add @biteastwood makes a Bitcorn wallet attached to my Twitch account.
$tipcorn 9001 @timkim sends 9001 Bitcorn to @timkim.
$rain 1000 3 will 'rain' (tip) 1000 Bitcorn split between the last 3 active chatters.
$bitcorn displays the balance of my Bitcorn wallet via whisper on Twitch.
$caddy shows the Bitcorn address.
$idle tells me how much Bitcorn I've accumulated by idling in CTTV chat.
$withdraw 99999 CHwiahKw9urnpiqWobrGg3rbVe7bTwiK2q sends my Bitcorn on Twitch to one of desktop wallet addresses.
$help displays a list of these commands via whisper from BITCORNhub.

You can also now access your Twitch Bitcorn Wallet via the official Bitcorn Hub Dashboard. (CURRENTLY IN BETA)

In order to access the dashboard, you will need to type $token in CryptoTradersTV chat. @BITCORNhub will whisper you the token on Twitch. Use that along with your Twitch username to login to the dashboard.

You can see your total Bitcorn as well as how much you've sent, rained, and tipped. There are several custom theme options as well.

Bitcorn Hub Dashboard:

Accumulating Bitcorn

Now that you have your respective wallets in place, how can you actually fill them up with Bitcorn?

If you have your desktop wallet setup, you can enable Staking by unlocking your wallet and choosing the "For anonymization and staking only" option. You will need to make sure you have already used the "Encrypt Wallet..." option first to get the Lock/Unlock options to appear. After a few minutes you should be able to see the icon in the bottom right indicate that your Staking is indeed active.

In order to run a Masternode you need at least 10 Million Bitcorn. Then you can follow the official Masternode guide here.

The easiest way to get more Bitcorn is just being a Twitch subscriber in CTTV ( and hanging out in chat! The accumulation breakdown for Twitch chat idling rewards are as follows:

  • Tier 3 Twitch Subscribers earn 1 BITCORN per hour
  • Tier 2 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.5 BITCORN per hour
  • Tier 1 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.25 BITCORN per hour

If you're active and contribute good information, you may also find yourself receiving a $tipcorn from a fellow user in CTTV chat. You might also get $rain'd on if you happen to be one of the 5 people chatting (limit to cut down spam on bot) before someone executes the command. These will result in Bitcorn going to your Twitch wallet specifically, so make sure to use $reg to get an address setup.

There are also some really fun Marbles On Stream games that take place on BITCORNhub's Twitch channel where you can win Bitcorn for earning top spots in the various Grand Prix races. The winnings are distributed live on CTTV's chat after each Grand Prix, as well as the Seasonal Championship prizes that consist of a Masternode for #1 and 1 million Bitcorn each for 2nd-10th place.

Beyond that you can also participate in various Bitcorn Bounties that are announced in the #bitcorn channel on CTTV's Discord. There are currently several open for making graphics (emotes, memes, etc.), sharing information about Bitcorn or CTTV on social media, and assistance with web content or articles for Bitcorn Times.

Common Questions

When Coinbase, Binance, etc.?

The overall goal is to get COMMUNITY VOTED onto Binance. This would be a tremendous goal to achieve.

Who is involved with development?

What about the !fakecorn in Twitch chat?

The "fakeCORN" (StreamLabs Loyalty Points) will continue to be used for stream events and giveaways and will remain separate from $BITCORN. You can however offer to trade !fakecorn for $BITCORN with another user if you'd like to.

Will you be able to donate to the stream and get Bitcorn rewards?

We will soon be developing a direct approach to obtain lumps of $BITCORN through the Bitcorn Hub Dashboard. You can also seek out trades with other users to obtain $BITCORN for either !fakecorn, Bitcoin, or other crypto currencies. The #bitcorn channel on Discord would be the best place to ask.

What exactly is a Masternode?
How do you set up a Bitcorn Masternode?

There are several requirements which are summarized here and you can find the full step-by-step guide on our official Github page.

  1. Purchase a cloud deployed Ubuntu 16.04 server than can run dedicated 24/7. You can use this referral link for a Vultr VPS. You only need the cheapest VPS package in order to run a Masternode - $5/mo package can handle all Masternode needs.
  2. 10,000,000 Bitcorn coins.
  3. A local Bitcorn Wallet.
  4. An SSH client such as Bitvise.

Official Links

Bitcorn Blockchain Explorer

Bitcorn Wallet Downloads


GitHub Windows .zip


GitHub Mac .zip


GitHub Linux .zip

Master Node Installation Guide


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the official #bitcorn channel on CTTV's Discord or live on CryptoTradersTV 24/7.