There seems to be a good deal of support for crypto in several US States since last year. Yesterday, Wyoming successfully passed two bills to further the growing consensus that cryptocurrenices and tokens are not actually securities and should not be regulated as such. You can find the actual bills in detail below.

House Bill 62 (HB0062): Wyoming Utility Token Act-property amendments.

HB 62 sets clear definitions that clearly demonstrate that "open blockchain tokens" are not the same as securities since you do not receive any incentives or payouts from holding coins like you would with shares of a specific company.

House Bill 57 (HB0057): Financial technology sandbox.

HB 57 is designed to create a lax regulatory environment to attract developers.

Caitlin Long, president of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, was very excited to see these bills win the support necessary to pass. This will definitely help further her goals to see states have more control over crypto versus the SEC or other national agencies.

Down in Florida, we are getting crypto Support from U.S. Congressman Darren Soto (D-Fla.) as well. Recently interviewed by, he expresses significant understanding of how cryptocurrencies should operate within the market. Much like Caitlin, he agrees that crypto should not be instantly considered as securities. His sentiment is that the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) should be the entity to regulate the space and treat crypto assets as commodities, as opposed to the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) who will regulate them as securities.

Congressman Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) and Soto have submitted the The Virtual Currency Consumer Protection Act of 2018 in order to mitigate market manipulation of prices and create the regulatory changes needed to classify crypto assets properly based on a clear definition of what constitutes a token to be a security or not. They also submitted The U.S. Virtual Currency Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act of 2018 to charge the appropriate parties in government such as the SEC and CTFC to create a report that outlines a framework for America to be competitive and innovate with blockchain technologies in an unhindered environment.

"Securities laws can be very intense and hurt the market unless itโ€™s truly a security,โ€ Soto told Cheddar Thursday. โ€œOverall, we hope to establish jurisdiction and classifications so we can bring confidence and clarity into the market."
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I surely hope to see continued improvements in US regulation. This kind of progress, alongside anticipated launches of several new Bitcoin futures (as we discussed in our New Years article), US traders could be feeling pretty good this year.