As we discussed in our previous ProgPoW article, Ethereum developers will very soon be updating the blockchain to the new Constantinople version.

As the FUD/FOMO and related scams and misinformation being pushed in the crypto communities is constantly evolving, one can't be surprised that this latest update has spawned many layers of scum trying to bottom feed off those who are clueless about the update and the tech/development behind Ethereum. Please be mindful and do not listen to anyone claiming they can help you make free coins out of the "hard fork".

There are some updates that do occur on blockchains that result in two functionally separate chains, as when ETC was born. But when an update is agreed upon by the majority of the community, as well as those mining Ethereum on a large scale, the second chain will die out instantly and Ethereum will simply continue on.

Basically, if you are holding Ethereum right now and keep holding it throughout the update, you will not see any difference whatsoever in your balance, nor will any other forked Eth coins show up in your wallet.

If you are mining Ethereum, you can look into setting up on the testnet for Constantinople to familiarize yourself before it goes live. Aside from mining  adjustments, there is nothing else about Constantinople that requires you to do anything different.