As recently discovered via Reddit, the infamous privacy coin Monero (XMR) seems to have claimed a spot as an exclusive cryptocurrency option for payments on Fortnite Retail Row, the official Fortnite merchandise shop. You can find Fortnite hoodies, shirts, and even a Durr Burger Onesie. This is definitely a good thing for crypto adoption, but some are curious as to why it is only Monero. If you don't believe me feel free to visit the  store and get to the check out to see the XMR option (without using PayPal or GPay of course).

This latest news has also been broadcast by Mr. FluffyPony himself:

Monero has been continually meeting the points laid on their official roadmap. The current project items are on redesigning their Forum Funding System, where users and developers can submit ideas for approval and subsequent community fund-raising. Then comes Implementation of BulletProofs instead of RingCT to reduce transaction sizes, which one might guess is going to be needed if crypto adoption gains better traction this year and in the future. The one item that still sits unchecked for their 2018 tab is Kovri integration.

If you haven't heard of Kovri already, it can be described as Monero's version of the the I2P Anonymous Network which is similar, but arguably more advance, than the Tor network. For more in-depth information here is I2P & Tor compared and here is Monero's guide on Kovri. The end result of this integration going live will be significantly higher levels of anonymity, and thus security, for Monero transactions.

With this recent adoption via Fortnite, one can theorize that Monero's development team might be ready to show its loyal community some solid progress for 2019.