In this article we will explain how you can earn passive Bitcorn by staking them on your desktop wallet. You can download the wallet HERE.

For staking you will need a certain amount of Bitcorn in your wallet in order to start staking. This will depend on the current difficulty of the blockchain. You could start staking with 2,000,000 Bitcorn, however it is optimal if you have more Bitcorn within a stack. With this unspent transaction (UTXO), you can be eligible for staking rewards by keeping your wallet online.  

Once you have your wallet open, you need to activate "Coin Control Features". You can do this by going to the settings menu on the top left part of you wallet (or top left on your screen for Mac users) and click options. An option window will appear, where you want to visit wallet and activate the Coin Control features. Make sure that staking is now enabled on your wallet, which can be checked by the colored Bitcorn logo on the bottom right part of your wallet.

If you have already created a password for you're wallet via the "Encrypt Wallet..." option from the "Settings" menu, then you have a couple of more steps to take care of as shown below.

You will see the message near the top of the wallet window: "Info: Minting suspended due to locked wallet." You need to "Decrypt Wallet for Staking Only" from "Settings", then when prompted for your password, enter it, click OK, then after a few minutes the "Info:" message will disappear and you can hover over the BITCORN icon in the bottom right corner of the wallet to confirm the "Staking is active" status.

Now it is just a matter of time to be eligible to receive staking rewards on your unspent Bitcorn. It usually takes around 12 hours to receive a stake, thus 2 stakes a day for every UTXO. When you receive a reward, it will be around 5,500 Bitcorns that will add up to your account.


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