In the coming weeks we will be publishing a series of articles that will discuss the Bitcorn Project. We want to create an overview of all the different applications that can be performed using Bitcorn as well as what Bitcorn will have to offer in the near future.

What is Bitcorn?

Bitcorn is a cryptocurrency that enables an unique currency experience within the Bitcorn Community. People within the community can send each other Bitcorn (also referred to as Corn or $Corn) to those that they appreciate or use it to trade them for another currency or product. The possibilities with Bitcorn are endless as people from the community can also participate in the development of the project by creating different use-cases, for example, developing a game that uses Bitcorn as its in-game currency.

How is Bitcorn earned?

One needs to download the Bitcorn Wallet to get an address, where you can receive your precious Bitcorn. Also, one can generate an address through Bitcorn Farms by having a Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, or Discord account. Once you have an address, you can earn 420 Bitcorn every 23 hours at the Bitcorn Faucet. This is a nice start to get your stash growing. Another method is to be active in the MTTV Twitch Stream, as people might rain or tip Bitcorn to other users. If you are active in chat, you will receive some Bitcorn depending on the amount that is being distributed. You can earn passive Bitcorn by watching the stream, however, you need to be a subscriber of the channel to start earning passively. Higher tiers receive more rewards.

  • Tier 1 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.1 BITCORN per minute
  • Tier 2 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.5 BITCORN per minute
  • Tier 3 Twitch Subscribers earn 1 BITCORN per minute

You also get an extra little reward when you subscribe! Furthermore you can donate Twitch Bits to earn Bitcorn. For every Twitch Bit you send you will get 10 Bitcorn back. There are also people that are willing to sell their Bitcorn in exchange for BTC. Since Bitcorn isn't listed on an official exchange yet, people will post their offer and bids at the #bitcorn-auction-house channel on Discord.

One can also participate in various BITCORN Bounties that are announced in the #bitcorn-announcements channel on MTTV’s Discord. There are currently several open for making graphics (emotes, memes, etc.), sharing information about BITCORN or MTTV on social media, and assistance with web content such as news articles.

Once you have accumulated some Bitcorn, you can start staking them on your wallet. This means that you receive staking rewards for leaving the Bitcorn in your wallet, just let time do its job and you will earn some sweet corn. One can also earn more Bitcorn passively by running a masternode after acquiring 10 Million Bitcorn. We will create a separate article that will focus on how to set-up a masternode and how to stake your Bitcorn correctly.


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