Figuring things out takes discipline and quality information. We've pieced together this repository to help you expand your knowledge.


If you just stumbled upon MTTV and by extension crypto and trading, you probably have a boat load of questions. Let's try to cover some of the most obvious ones:

What is this community all about, what can I expect?

We are simply here to improve each others' trading skills and share valuable knowledge, which ultimately helps as all grow and further goals for financial freedom. We are fond of blockchain tech, but if there is a profit opportunity via selling a cryptocurrency instead of buying, we will surely try to capitalize on it. We will seek gains where we can get them while striving to have zero emotional attachments to any asset.

What is okay to ask about in Twitch chat or Discord?

You can ask any question about anything regarding the markets, as we are here to help educate. However, it is not acceptable to ask anyone on stream or in chat to directly tell you what you should do, such as "should I close/enter my position here?". It is your responsibility to perform your own technical analysis and trade your own plan with your own charts. All content in this community is not financial advice.

What software is being used on MTTV's stream?

The TradingView platform is the most widely used charting platform for new traders, especially in crypto. There are plenty who still use Think or Swim or other similar products for traditional markets as well, but MTTV uses TradingView for the ease of use, many ticker options, and the ability to publish charts to Discord's sub-only channels.

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BITCORN: Getting Started

The cryptocurrency, Bitcorn, is intended to be used as a fun peer-to-peer tipping system that directly integrates with the Twitch streaming platform. This is the same platform that MarketTradersTV (MTTV), the purveyors of Bitcorn, streams on live 24/7. You can read the official whitepaper for Bitcorn, The Cornpaper, to learn more about the purpose, technical specs, and roadmap for cryptocurrency. For some more information on getting started go here.

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Reading Recommendations by MTTV

Candlestick Charting for Dummies, Al Brooks
Trading Price Action (Trends)

Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas
Trading Psychology Way of the Turtle

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes
The 1 Hour Trade: Make Money With One Simple Strategy
One Hour Daily by Brian P Anderson
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

Bohn Jollinger
John Bollinger - Bollinger On Bollinger Bands

Business Insider Article on Richard Wyckoff

PDF Book DropBox Repository


We have hand selected several quality clips that cover a range of essential information for trading. You may also find all the clips directly on Twitch here but you'll need to be subscribed to MarketTradersTV  to access everything.


Point of Control
Long from Below Value Area
Mike Talks About BIG MONEY
Mike Explains Value Area & POC

MTTV - Volume Profile 101 - Mike - Indicators


Hedging & Managing Long Positions
Finding Pullbacks with Bollinger Bands

MTTV - Keep it simple - T3mpoz - Learning, Strategy


BigToke Trading Psychology No FOMO - Master Your Emotions
Personality & Trading HundoP(&L)
The ABCs
The Mech Strategy

MTTV - Emotion control - BigT0ke - Trading Psychology


Hedge, Long the Low, Short the Top
Rule 1: Position Sizing and Risk Management
How to Maximize Gains
How to Ladder Orders
Gaining and Losing Levels is the Endgame
Just Use Logic 4Head
Using Spinners
Orders, Stop-Loss, Avoiding Stop Hunts
To Handle Tilt/Loss, Think in Flat Numbers, Don't Think Percentage
Muleskinner Explains Market Makers
Set a Stop-Loss Before Setting Order
Level Priority
Order Flow Trading - Mostly for Big Orders
Leverage Guidelines
Indecision Spinner Play 1h/4h Candles
$ Skinner Gold $
Fishing for the Wicks

MTTV - Educational session 1 - MuleSkinner1 - Learning


20 Habits of Highly Successful Traders: Muleskinner was interviewed some ideas presented.
Mark Douglas: How To Think Like a Pro Trader
Mark Chapman: How to Destroy the Market Makers
How to Beat the Market Maker Using Iceberg Orders
Using Order Flow to Trade Reversal and Breakouts