Download the app via the link below. Versions available for Win/Linux/Mac:

Released on April 23 as announced here, this application is in its first alpha release. This version is geared towards those seeking to test and tinker with the Lightning UX. Users will have the power to control their own funds through the Neutrino light client technology used in this application.

For those not already familiar, Neutrino can be described as a 'light' client that interfaces with the Lightning network to verify Bitcoin transactions with stronger privacy. It also requires less trust, and doesn't need to fully download and sync with the Bitcoin blockchain (~200GB). Only 10MB is needed for the app to run, making it highly viable for mobile use.

This version also boasts new features and better performance than its testnet predecessor. Syncing is faster and runs in the background now, with the goal of being fully synced and ready within the same amount of time it would take one to jot down the mnemonic seed phrase.

While it is easy to get excited about this kind of news, just keep in mind it is still in a testing phase. You may have to put forth some effort to fully test all the possibilities within this application. It would also be wise to exercise caution and test with small amounts so you do not risk losing all of your funds.

You can also read the Lightning Labs Blog announcement for more details.