The world has changed. We keep hearing from the media, and perhaps close friends, that the world is coming to an end if we do not help the environment become fully sustainable. Because of this new "hyper-green" trend that has risen up in the last years, many people have pointed to large corporations as the main source of the environmental problem.

Many large corporations like McDonald's are actively changing their business model in order to sustain the environment. In addition, many governmental institutions have implemented environmental regulations that all large organizations need to comply. As we can see in the Beef Sustainability Report, we see that McDonald's has been actively improving the quality of their meat using sustainable methods since 2014. They are aware that the significant changes they make can create big impact. McDonald's plans to invest in various projects and partner with other organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 36% by 2030. This means that they would prevent 150 million metric tons of greenhouse gas to be released. One of the projects is to make all their packaging from renewable or recycled sources by 2025.

Another way that McDonald's is making they world a more environmentally-friendly place is that they are introducing wind and solar sourced power to their entire supply chain, starting with their restaurants. Many restaurants in Europe are already 100% (or close to) being fully powered from renewable power sources since 2018. In a sense, buying a burger from McDonald's which once used to be bad for the environment, now helps McDonald's achieve their sustainability goals for 2030.

One of McDonald's latest innovations is introducing the ReCup, which allows customers to bring a refillable cup across different restaurants and the store will clean and reuse them for the customer. In addition to the ReCup, there are many different ways that McDonald's has introduced recently to make their European stores more environmentally-friendly. Please find that report here.


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