You can now earn  'Tezos' (Ticker $XTZ), by completing short questions successfully. In addition, Coinbase allows you to stake your Tezos on their platform, which will facilitate more people to be further integrated with blockchain technology. Coinbase currently has a 5% staking reward on Tezos on an annual basis.

The reason why Coinbase is giving away free crypto is simple. Coinbase wants to become and stay the leading exchange platform for people to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies online in a simple way. They also generate a lot of revenue from giving free crypto as customers pay a minimum $1 fee for a transaction when transferring funds. They don't only generate revenue from those transactions but they also build a larger database of information from their customers. Furthermore, they also want people to use the coins they give away to increase its volume and value.

If you are interested in receiving $6 worth of Tezos make sure to join the waiting-list in order to become eligible for the free crypto. You can either keep your Tezos or just sell it for cash or your preferred crypto, for example Bitcoin, and withdraw it to your own wallet or start trading with it.


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