The copy-pasta master and Tron's blundering overlord, Justin Sun, continues to effortlessly flood the news with his usual marketing gimmicks.

BTT Token for BitTorrent. The hot new alt will be on Binance's Launchpad. Details via Binance's blog here. It is surely going to dominate in the crypto space right? Definitely a far cry off, but the Tron team are assuredly paying for good marketing.

The BTTs are TRC-10 compatible to work with the TRON blockchain, won't be available to any pesky residents of the United States, and of course they got some good old fashion airdrops. The premise of the token would be to incentivize seeders to use faster networks and upload content for longer. Maybe I'm paranoid but this seems like a conveniently easy way for pirates to profit while avoiding US jurisdiction for hosting their treasure troves of copyrighted content.

Aside from that, it is definitely a good marketing move designed for the inexperienced masses, using the common buzzwords about decentralization and P2P. Doesn't take much to fabricate a pretty picture of a use case, but hey who am I to say they can't fake it til they make it.

Don't take this as FUD if you see a good trading opportunity, I am simply trying to keep you from getting hooked and holding TRON thinking it is the future. Profit isn't profit until you take it.